How to write a song: Two easy ways to write a hit track

Today I would like to guide you on two Simple and yet an easy ways to write a hit song, if you are making music, especially if you are not that talented to get songs out of a beat.

Most artists struggle to get songs that’s why there music career die at the long run of music creation.

some manage to make one song and the next thing you won’t see them again and thier music is just dead on arrival.

with this little tip you can be able to stay relevant in the music industry and keep making music as much as you can go in life.

Making music is easy as ABC but most people find it difficult to cope, but if you don’t know music you may find it more difficult, even if you are a talented artist.

Two easy ways to write a song

  1. Be a professional and a talented musician and a song writer.
  2. Get a free beat and create music out of the beat.

how to write a song as a professional musician.

being a professional musician is based on how talented you are especially if you can think faster and create music out of nothing.

professional musicians get songs from inspirations, dreams sometimes the sound of inspiration will strike and they will start writing.

if you don’t find yourself in this part of life where you are blessed as an artist don’t panic you can use the second strategy to create music.

2. Write and create music out of a free beat.

Ok here is where the magic happens if you can’t get a song off head, here is how to get music from the beat you downloaded.

first thing you need is a beat that do not have much strings on it I mean a simple beat, now you need to think of another string, guitar or Piano that will match the beat you listening to.

the moment you find the string on your head start humming it from your mouth, continue humming and keep listening, pick up your pen and book start converting the humming into words gradually.

keep doing it and keep writing till you are through with it and me later.

hope this strategy helps you fix your music career if it did share to your fellow artists and drop your comments below.



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