One proven powerful tool to boost your music career and get 100k monthly listeners

Dear artist am writing this post based on my almost 7 years experience in the Music industry, currently there’s a powerful tool to boost your music career and most upcoming music artists are not looking that side.

although it’s one particular thing we use everyday on daily life, seems we are not using right anyways.

according to my research I found out that there is a particular thing that makes most artists break out of the upcoming artists status and start earning good money with there music.

that particular thing is the reason you need to read this article to the end and more over if my findings and research helps you in any way after reading this, you should share and let more artists live a good life.

as an upcoming artists you can live a good life and make cool money with this tip even without being a big celebrity in the your country.

let’s assume you have 50k fans listening to your music several times on a monthly basics believe me you are making clean money from Spotify and other music companies.

With 50k to 100k monthly listeners you can make money and keep creating music, this secret is something that needs to be paid for before I reveal it, but am giving it all for free.

First of all the first thing you need to do is to create a good music I tell you music stores are looking for good music to recommend to their listeners they are hungry for that, like real hungry.

secondly distribute your songs using a distribution companies, if you don’t know which one to choose use my referral link to earn $10 discounts and bonus on ditto Music.

most artists after distributing thier music they have gone home thinking a magic will happen, like thier music will start booming overnight.

after this the most important step is on the social media especially Facebook, yeah Facebook that’s where the magic happens.

start creating short reels with your music playing on the background, if you don’t know where to start, use studio sessions play around in the streets, freestyle while your friends Stand beside you.

I Guess you know what I mean if you don’t, do a freestyle video and upload to Facebook your Facebook page, instagram and TikTok  make sure you are a using a phone that has a good camera, use your newly released song as the background music.

Most artists are doing this and they are making a good money and building fan base on the social media.



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