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Download Instrumental: Adekunle Gold ft Odumodu BLVCK – Wrong Person

In the realm of Afrobeat music, “Wrong Person” stands as a testament to creativity and collaboration. This sensational instrumental, crafted by the renowned Adekunle Gold and featuring the talents of Odumodu BLVCK, is a sonic masterpiece. What makes it even more exciting is that it’s available for free download.

“Wrong Person” weaves a tapestry of enchanting melodies and infectious rhythms that captivate listeners from the very first note. The collaboration between Adekunle Gold and Odumodu BLVCK infuses the track with an undeniable energy that’s impossible to resist.

The availability of “Wrong Person” for free download not only delights music enthusiasts but also serves as an invitation for artists and creators to explore their talents. Whether for remixes, cover versions, or artistic experimentation, this instrumental provides an open canvas for creative minds.

As “Wrong Person” spreads its melodic wings through the Afrobeat community, it embodies the spirit of artistic freedom and collaboration. Adekunle Gold and Odumodu BLVCK’s generosity in offering this instrumental for free download ensures that it becomes a source of inspiration and creativity for music lovers and creators worldwide.


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